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With proper planning and quality service, we make sure your system will perform trouble-free. Providing you with complete I.T service for residential and business clients. Contact one of our technicians now and get a free estimate and or advise.

Commonly Supported Issues!

System Service Repair

  • System freezes or is too slow
  • System will not boot or needs repair service
  • Cannot access email or Internet through dsl, cable, dial-up or wireless
  • Windows cannot repair or keep restarting
  • Blue Screen / Error Screen
  • Printer is not working
  • System needs repair on site

Virus Removal & Protection

  • Clean up all kind of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Spyware & Adware. Optimize the computer and make it fast
  • Remove unnecessary temp files, software & programs
  • Update Windows & hardware drivers
  • Email client not responding or crashed

Computer Tune-up

Our Tech's can help you with a variety of tech support services, Blue Screen or Error Screen, System Freeze/Too Slow. We deliver trouble-shooting, installation and optimization services, for the following OS's - Windows 7/8 and 10, Mac and Linux. Service Available for Greater Toronto Area Only.

Quick Fixes

Here are some common issues you may try to fix, or better assist us to get to the core problem:

  • Try restarting your PC
  • Attempt to replicate the problem to ensure it was not an isolated issue
  • If software related, try other applications to see if they are working
  • Try accessing the Internet to see if it’s an Internet issue
  • See if anybody else is having the same issue
  • Check all network and power connections

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Tech Support Services we Provide!

We deliver troubleshooting, installation and optimization services for the following OS:

Maintenance Solutions

  • Network support
  • Network administrator
  • Mail server support
  • Server support
  • Windows server install and configure 2003-2012
  • Ms Exchange server migration
  • Residential network installation
  • Wireless network support
  • Network Design, Service and Support

PC Support

  • I.T support And consulting
  • Onsite PC support
  • Hardware and Software support
  • Virus removal and protection
  • Most clinical software support 24/7 On-Site Technical Support

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Data backup and restore
  • Data recovery from any media
  • Common hard drive recovery issues are:
    • Accidently Deleted Files or Folders
    • Primary Hard Disk Not Found Error
    • Computer Unable to Access Hard Drive
    • Formatted Partition or Hard Drive
    • Corrupted Master Boot Record (MBR)
    • Lost Files, Documents, Emails, Folders
    • Virus Damage / Password Recovery
    • Blue Screen / Error Screen

Web Design / Graphic Design

  • Responsive Web
  • Our passion, focus and commitment to you : To create a beautiful modern responsive design and with a robust funtionality on any smartphones/Tablets/Laptop or desktop; with a powerful technology to create an excellent online presence of your business

  • Custom Design
  • We design a website with your focus and passion on it. Mainly focusing on your products, services and introducing them with an excellent online presence.

Our Regular Plan Rates

(We provide On-site or Remote service. 7 days a week – 9am - 6pm.)

If you just need someone for a few hours we provide non-contract hourly rates. These rate are billed in one hour increments and can be used as needed. This service is useful for small one time projects .

Remote Service | Please call 647-885-1569
On-Site Service | Please call 647-885-1569

(Guaranteed Response Time. Ideal for small offices. Valid for one year. Priority Client Status. Virus & Spyware protection. Pay for what you need.)

For clients who don't need someone every week or month our block hour plans are a great option. These plans provide a discounted hourly rate and are sold in block of 10, 15, 25 and 50 hours. With this plan you become a priority client with guaranteed response times, remote support, help desk service & online incident tracking.

10 Hours [$115/hr, $1,150 total]
15 Hours [$99/hr, $1,485 total]
25 Hours [$85/hr, $2,125 total]
50 Hours [$69/hr,$3,450 total]

Priority Response Time. Emergency Hours. Server System Monitoring. Virus & Spyware Monitoring. Data Backup Monitoring. Online Incident Tracking.

Our annual service plans provide on-going coverage for a one year period. You purchase a set number of hours for each month. Any hours not used during that month will roll over and will accumulate for a one year period. These plans are ideal for businesses that will require on-site support on a daily/weekly basis.

Monthly Hours:

10 Hours [$115/hr, $1,150 total]
15 Hours [$99/hr, $1,485 total]
25 Hours [$85/hr, $2,125 total]
50 Hours [$69/hr,$3,450 total]

Contact us for OUR SPECIAL RATES available to meet your needs!

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